April, 28 2020

Dealership Inventory Management and Safety at a hard time for business

Ivan Mishanin
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Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau releases a list of the most stolen cars in America, covering a full spectrum of auto theft from isolated crimes to dealership vehicle thefts. Whether it’s high-end sports cars; pick-ups or other popular models, no vehicle is safe from the clutches of an opportunistic auto thief. Even much older vehicles from the 1990s show up on lists of the most stolen cars nearly every year. When an unfortunate event like the current coronavirus crisis occurs, it may contribute to the potential of vehicle and auto theft. Alarming reports of an increase in the rate of theft against the background of a drop in the level of other crimes come from New York City, Atlanta,California.

Car thefts and other crime increase during pandemic

Tracking the location and status of your vehicles on large dealership lots — along with loaner fleet monitoring and management — are the keys to successfully preventing potential auto theft under normal circumstances. Simply fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our specialists to learn how Zurich Connected Cars can help your dealership today.

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 These tactics become especially prescient because of the current threat of the global Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Unforeseen circumstances cause disruptions to your operation, potential loss of revenue or additional costs related to vehicle theft and damage. Making sure your inventory is safe and secure at anytime is a challenge. Dealership inventory management solutions, such as Zurich Connected Cars, could be a great support.

Do You Know the Status of Your Vehicle Inventory and Loaner Fleet?

Knowing where each vehicle in your inventory is located at all times is more essential now than ever. Alerts and notifications form a connected car inventory management system like Zurich Connected Cars let you know if a possible criminal act is occurring — if your vehicle is started when it shouldn’t be or ends up in a suspect location.  

Given the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around the country and the subsequent closures of many businesses, you may have less or even no staff at your dealership on a day-to-day basis, in order to protect all your employees and not to put them at risk. And this is understandable, because today health comes first and it is important to stay at homefor you and your employees.So, you might be surprised to hear that there is a solution to keep an eye on your inventory even while being at home with your family.

Working with a solution that gives you real-time visibility and up-to-date status monitors remotely allows you to stay safe at home while maintaining control of your inventory investments. If you observe suspect activity, you can act accordingly — head down to the lot, alert security, or even engage the authorities if necessary.

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Zurich Connected Cars Inventory Management Helps Protect You Anytime

Connected cars (vehicles that communicate with an outside system) offer more than mere navigation assistance for their users — they’re a way to monitor every aspect of a vehicle’s operation from fuel consumption to vehicle location and more.

Vehicle theft and unauthorized usage of inventory or fleet vehicles can add up to become a massive expense. With a connected car management system, it’s easier than ever to keep track of what’s happening on your lot.   

So what can you do? Have a real-time view of your inventory and alerts in place to let you know when something goes awry — vehicles started after hours, excessive speeding, and vehicles leaving a geo-fenced area can all be indicators that theft is occurring.

Our inventory management software could help keep your inventory safe, helping reduce instances of auto theft and assist with the ongoing observation of your inventory and loaner fleet. We offer a complete solution that streamlines your operation so you can not only “lock down” your lot from offsite locations, but be alerted when suspicious activity occurs.

Our proprietary inventory management solution features:

  • Asset protection — Tracking and assessment of vehicle speed and safety monitoring on and off the lot.
  • Status Monitoring — The ability to track fuel consumption, battery life and mileage.
  • Vehicle Tracking — Get access to speeding notifications, real-time vehicle location and geo-fencing (a service that triggers a pre-programmed action when a device enters or exits a virtual boundary). You can even get push notifications when a vehicle falls out of bounds of an established geo-fencing zone.You can search by VIN number or stock number, locate any vehicle in real time, access detailed information about a vehicle’s trip history/mileage and even verify the gas tank levels.
  • Web portal and mobile app — Our web portal and mobile app include a customer dashboard, custom reports, notifications and more, so you have inventory control from wherever you are.
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Get Connected to Stay Protected

 Unattended dealer lots attract unwanted attention from thieves

In addition to cost savings maintenance, and productivity, our system features low energy consumption — so you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery, either — and simple installation that will have you up and running in no time.

Zurich Connected Cars takes your security seriously — not just on your lot, but in the cloud, too. We have tight cybersecurity measures in place for our systems and rigorously test our hardware (all of which is ISO 16845 certified) to ensure its durability and longevity. A lifetime hardware warranty is always included, making Zurich Connected Cars a name you can trust for inventory management needs.

Keep Your Inventory Safe and Secure During This Hard time for Business

Zurich Connected Cars can help you keep your inventory safe — with a price point that should suit your size and needs (see our pricing plans here).We also provide training for all employees on our software and if anything goes wrong, our team will provide ongoing support for any of your concerns via phone, email or our web portal, so you can rest assured that if you experience an issue with our software, we’re on hand to help.

We provide timely assistance at two different tiers: eight hours a day customer support, seven days a week or our upgraded service tier that includes twelve hours a day support, seven days a week.

A connected car system could reduce your operating costs on both standard inventory and your loaner fleet. For example, assuming a dealership loses 15-30 sales just because of the wait  — each of those lost sales would represent $2-3,000 in profit walking right out the door. That’s $30,000-$90,000 in profit margins lost assuming an average vehicle price of $36 000 — or over $100,000 on higher-margin inventories. Zurich Connected Cars instantly locates vehicles so your sales team can start a test drive in 3-5 minutes rather than 15 or more — so you no longer see customers walking away, fed up with waiting too long just to take a test drive.

To help ease the burden on your inventory management,

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