July, 21 2020

How an inventory system can help to prevent vehicle thefts?

Vitaly Baum
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The exceptional circumstances and events of the past weeks and months has sparked a rise in car theft across the U.S. Vehicle larcenies shot up 63% in New York and nearly 17% in Los Angeles from January 1 through mid-May, compared with the same period last year.


Events such as those we’ve experienced this year, can cause disruptions to dealership operations, result in potential loss of revenue, or create additional costs related to vehicle theft and damage. One of our clients, Pine Belt, shared their recent experience and how the inventory management system from Zurich Connected Cars helped to uncover car theft. We had a car that showed up in Connecticut, but our dealership is in New Jersey. Ultimately, by using our inventory management system, we were able to uncover that the car was stolen from our parking lot. We were able to get the police involved and there is now an active investigation,” concluded Kenneth Martin, the Vice President of Pine Belt Enterprises.


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Keep the focus on business


Zurich Connected Cars offers a variety of features that allows dealers more time to focus on their business, including:


  • Curfew alerts: the dealer can receive alerts during after-hours if an activity (such as vehicle movement or engine start) is detected in the parking lot. These alerts indicate that someone may be using the vehicle outside of the dealerships traditional working hours.
  • Geo-fencecapabilities: allows the dealer to set up zones to track vehicle entering or leaving a designated area. If the vehicle is outside the defined zones, the dealer will receive three alerts through different channels.
  •  Lost connection / Unplug: the dealer isnotified if the vehicle lost device connection indicating suspicious activities could be occurring in the vehicle. You can preemptively track vehicle connection status and locate the vehicle if lost. 
  • Alerts triggered by engine activity: A simple rule set up tracks when the engine starts and alerts the dealer the moment theft may be occurring.The same is true about towing—the dealer is be notified if the vehicle is moving without engine activity.

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Security measures beyond the typical features


If a car effectively gets stolen from a dealership, there are various solutions enabling the owner to locate the stolen vehicle quickly and easily. In these instances, the following suggestions can help you quickly locate stolen vehicles.


  • Most safety systems for autos are based on GPS tracking. Our customers tell us they are most concerned about GPS tracking devices that are easy for thieves to unplug. In this case, we propose a Y-cable installationthat keeps OBD2 devices hidden from thieves. Y-cables are simple to install and helpful in deceiving thieves because they are unable to see your OBD device – and allows you to continue to track vehicles.
  • Immediately returning vehicles to the fleet will perform two functions: a history of routes/parking and speed alerts. If the vehicle is stolen, the dealer can easily view the route and parking history of the vehicle to track its movements and be notified if the vehicle’s speed has exceeded certain thresholds. This feature not only helps quickly locate vehicles but can also be instrumental during a police investigation.
  • A stolen car is not just a piece of metal and financial loss, it is also data theft. Data access control allows a dealer to control who and what can be sees by the users of your system. 

    Zurich Connected Cars Inventory Management System helps to prevent a car thefts


In recent months, unforeseen circumstances have caused great disruptions and loss of revenue to the dealership market. Dealers, now more than ever, need to focus their energy on business development and sales improvement. Zurich Connected Cars inventory management platform helps to alleviate the stress associated with auto theft risk, allowing dealers to focus on their business.

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