June, 11 2020

How inventory management platform can upgrade the Dealership Experience for Millennial Buyers

Ivan Mishanin
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The car buying demographic is constantly shifting, and what worked for past generations may not make sense for today’s car buyer. Although they are comfortable buying most of what they need online, a recent study by Urban Science pointed to solid evidence that today’s buyers are more likely to visit multiple dealerships to make their vehicle purchase in-person. 

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can make their experience at your dealership better and send a modern car buyer home with the vehicle of their dreams, all while saving everyone time and money.

inventory management for millennials

Make It Quick

Today’s car buyers are not simply looking for a good price, a mobile-friendly website, and a reliable vehicle. While these are important aspects of a good dealership experience for customers, it is also key to grant a quick and easy purchasing process. Nowadays, customers spend an average of three hours at a dealership to buy a car and 2½ hours for basic maintenance.

There is a very simple solution to decrease the duration of the sales process, as the Zurich Connected Cars customer Kenneth Martin, the Vice President of Pine Belt Enterprises explains: “The problem that I have is, that there are over 300 units housed on three separate locations in our dealership. When a salesperson is looking for a car and the customer is sitting in the showroom it takes them 15-20 minutes to find the vehicle, so the customer often loses interest and leaves,”, says Mr. Martin. “Applying an inventory management platform – like Zurich Connected Cars – has been a huge satisfaction for our customers , and therefore also for us”.

Dealer inventory management can play a key role in speeding up the process and ensuring vehicles are ready for your buyers to look at or test drive immediately.

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Create an Exceptional Online Experience

Streamlined car buying experiences at the dealership are only one piece of the modern car buying puzzle. But there’s something that happens even before a customer walks onto a dealership.

While buyers are more likely to actually make a purchase at the dealership, they will do extensive research online beforehand and sometimes during their time on the lot. 

You can use your web presence to help potential buyers navigate the hurdles of the process by making your site simple, easy to use and informative.

You can also make the sales process itself exciting, innovative, and personal with connected advanced inventory management. As an example Zurich Connected Cars mobile app for iOS can help sales consultants to find the most suitable vehicles for a customer way faster with an augmented reality assistant.

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