May, 06 2020

Improve the Service Loaner Experience to Encourage Loyalty

Ivan Mishanin
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Service loaner cars are a great incentive for your customer to have their vehicle serviced at your dealership without requiring them to disrupt their day-to-day life due to a lack of reliable transportation. Shiny new loaners may also entice customers to trade up to a new car by experiencing the fresh technology of the latest model.

Service loaner fleet management can make or break the customer experience

When you have a customer bring their vehicle into your dealership for service, they want an impeccable, friendly, hassle-free experience from start to finish. A key aspect of creating a positive customer service experience for them rests in providing a well-maintained loaner car from your own service loaner fleet.

To ensure each vehicle is up to par, your vehicle inventory tracking alwaysneeds to give you precise knowledge of the location and status of your vehicles. Automotive inventory management systems like Zurich Connected Cars will help you save time tracking down your vehicles and keeping them in top condition. Our auto inventory management software helps you access the details you need to help build loyalty with your customers through monitoring and maintaining your service loaner fleet.

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Reliable Vehicles Enhance the Customer Experience

The experience the customer has with your loaner vehicle can significantly alter their perception of your dealership. Why not help making it a positive experience by staying on top of every vehicle’s needs with loaner car tracking software? 

Reliability is a crucial aspect of maintaining a great relationship with your customers. With Zurich Connected Cars, you have loaner car tracking software that enables you to quickly and easily monitor the fuel levels, GPS location, mileage, battery charge, and other usage details of your loaner cars in real time with push and email notifications.

By utilizing the loaner car software in this manner, you may avoid unnecessary costs associated with superfluous fuel consumption, excessive mileage, toll avoidance or not knowing where your vehicle is — or has been.

It may also save you a significant amount of time by allowing you to have a loaner car ready faster and may save you money by reducing unauthorized fuel consumption or vehicle use that may create a poor experience for your customers.

The more streamlined the loaner car process becomes, the more likely that a customer may return multiple times in the future. When you win the customer with reliability — of vehicles and service — you may not only enhance their loyalty but your reputation as well.

How Exactly May Loaner Car Tracking Software Help You?

Streamline the service center experience with connected car management

Keeping track of your cars at all times is the cornerstone of successful loaner fleet management and optimizing your inventory management platforms and processes is key to successfully doing so.

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If you want to keep your customers coming back, you’ll want to be able to effectively manage your fleet and appropriately react to unauthorized or improper vehicle usage. To do that, you’ll need an automotive inventory management system like Zurich Connected Cars, which offers unique features including:

  • Customizable geo-fence zones— areas where you’ll be alerted when a vehicle enters or exits — to minimize risk of vehicles disappearing, entering restricted areas, or crossing state lines.
  • Instant vehicle locationcapability that tells you where every loaner car sits at that moment — and where it’s been — so you can track down your vehicles and facilitate convenient pickups to return a customer’s vehicle.
  • Remote fuel monitoringso you can avoid an empty tank for the next user.
  • Speeding alertsthat send you a notification and make a note in the vehicle’s history — so you can make sure to hold the right person accountable when that speed camera ticket arrives.
  • Remote lot lock-downcapability for added security after hours, automatically triggering alerts for vehicles started when they shouldn’t be — all from your mobile phone.
  • Real-time inventory auditsso you can keep track of every vehicle in your loaner fleet and sale inventory — and know when loaners should be transitioned to CPO inventory to maximize OEM incentives.
  • Daily vehicle health reportsthat give you a rundown of vehicle status, so you can head off any maintenance or customer service issues.

 With these features, vehicle inventory tracking and auditing has never been easier. Zurich Connected Cars gives you the insights you need right at your fingertips, from the web portal and mobile app

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