September, 18 2020

Three ways to reduce costs in your dealer center

Ivan Mishanin
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The Zurich Connected Cars inventory management system can significantly reduce the costs of operating your fleet. A dealer center may lose tens of thousands of dollars every year as a result of inefficient management of inventory. Our management system helps you to avoid these losses. In this post, we’ll look at how you can manage your fleet more effectively by using the Zurich Connected Cars system. 

reduce costs by Inventory management solution


Enhancing the customer experience

We’ve heard it straight from clients who manage inventories of 350 or more vehicles: they lose about a dozen sales every month, simply because they can’t find the right vehicle at the right time. Not wanting to wait, customers simply leave.

Dealers who use Zurich Connected Cars can locate and monitor vehicles in real time so that nothing stands between your customers and a test drive—or a sale. The detailed geolocation status that the system provides lets you can find the vehicle you need more quickly. The ability to track the location of every vehicle means that misplaced inventory becomes a thing of the past. Inventory audits, instead of taking days, now take just hours. Thanks to this information, you and the customer both save time. And the customer appreciates it.

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Monitoring the health of vehicles

A key advantage of Zurich Connected Cars is its ability to quickly spot problems with vehicles in your inventory and send audits in real time, enabling you to maintain your stock in good saleable condition and avoid logistical headaches. Zurich Connected Cars allows you to improve customer service by automatically and instantly alerting your sales team when fuel levels are low and battery charges start to drain. Customizable alerts also enable tracking of mileage and other metrics of usage for each vehicle. Result: problems can be remedied long before the vehicle reaches a customer.


Easy to use right away

We focus on time. The goal of an inventory management system like Zurich Connected Cars is to boost your productivity by saving you time. We don’t want you to lose precious time on training and troubleshooting that can instead be used to increase customer satisfaction and complete transactions. The less time you spend on software training, the more time you can spend on developing your business. The plug-and-play devices of our system are designed with ease of use in mind. They require little training, so you can get started right away.

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NADA analysts are optimistic that sales of new vehicles will continue to recover during the rest of 2020. They point to steady gains in retail sales and expectations that inventory levels will continue to rise; a major reason is that, because of the pandemic, people increasingly prefer cars to other modes of transportation.

 This year has proved to be a difficult test for many dealers. Enhancing customer experience and continuous monitoring of the health of vehicles can help you get back on track by saving you a lot of time and money. The Zurich Connected Cars inventory management system makes it easy.

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